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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hyde Borough Councils First Meeting

First Council Meeting
Noon Monday, April 25th, 1881

As would be expected all the elected councillors were present, the 'Chair' was occupied by Mr. Frank Thornley, who acted as 'Returning Officer' at the election. Councillor Edward Hibbert proposed the Councillor Thomas Ashton of Flowery Field be the first Mayor of Hyde. This was seconded by Councillor Charlies Swindells and Councillor Henry Booth supported the resolution, which was carried with acclamation. Councillor Thomas Ashton then took the chair amidst great applause.
First Mayor & Mayoress
Thomas Ashton & Elizabeth Ashton

The Council then elected six aldermen and the following councillors became the first aldermen of the borough. Thomas Ashton, John Thornley, Edward Hibbert, Thomas Thornley, Charles Swindells, and Charlies Fielding. Alderman Edward Hibbert was appointed first Deputy-Mayor and Mr. John Hibbert first Town Clerk.

At the beginning the Council met in the old 'Local Board' office in Market Place, then for a while in Hyde Mechanics Institute. In January, 1885 the Council began began meeting in the newly built Hyde Town Hall, but on account of the time of year the formal opening of the Town Hall was deferred until July 1885.
The Council Chambers Hyde Town Hall


Hydonian said...

This is a great post Tom...love the council Chambers photo! :)

Tom said...

I wonder if it's still there.... and I also wonder what happened to all articals of value, paintings, silver, and such like. and of course the Mayoral chains of office.. When you think each Town had them there must be quite a nice collection about somewhere... I'd love to be able to see them.

Hydonian said...

I should imagine it's still there - I'll ask my Son - he works for the Council :)

Dave Williams said...

You'll probably find that most articles of value were spirited away on the formation of Tameside Council and will be found at Ashton Town Hall....

Ex Hydeonian said...

I always remember the absolute horror in our family at the inception of Tameside back in the arly 70's. My nan was horrified that they would choose brown as the colour for the council vehicles and would tell anyone who would listen exactly what she thought. (All power was transferred to Ashton and the other towns were thereafter pawns or somehow secondary). She had a point! It would be interesting to find out if the council chamber exists still and what happened to all the regalia of Hyde. Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

Worst day in the history of Hyde when it became part of Tameside (Insaneside)