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Sunday, 11 July 2010

The Cellar People

Robin & Jam

Robin and Jam Smith

Most of the 19th Century saw two local lads making a name for themselves.. Born in 1815, Robin and Jam were the eldest of 8 children born to a Mr. & Mrs. Smith of Rock Street, Gee Cross.... they were a very strange pair indeed... identical in looks and dress... they would walk along the roads of Hyde and Gee Cross one walking behind the other and the one at the back walking in the foot steps of the leader. Of course this attracted attention and crowds of children would follow behind shouting and singing ... "Robin & Jam, Robin & Jam... which is Robin .. which is Jam". In time all their brothers and sister married and left home... Robin and Jam still lived at home in Rock Street but when their mum and dad died they went to live in the cellar of the end cottage on 'Stone Row' Mottram Road Gee Cross, this is where they lived until they died, and it is also where their nick name " The Cellar People" came from. People came to Gee Cross on 'daytrips' hoping to see them walking in their strange fashion... Jam was the first to die in 1889.. poor Robin died the next year in 1890. The following year at Hyde Carnival a competition was held for the two best representations of Robin and Jam, The small fortune of £1.00 being offered for the prize.
Gee Cross and Hyde has always been blessed with odd characters, many worthy of 'Village Idiot' status... I should know at one time I was one of them...... ;o)


Neal said...


Hope all is well with you!

Tom said...

Thanks for stopping by Neil.. I hope you and your Rose are doing well..

Hydonian said...

haha..I'd hardly class you as the village idiot Tom.

Rose said...

I almost laughed out loud at the village idiot statement!