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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hyde Labour Club.

labour club
As promised , another photo of a long gone Hyde Political club.
Todays picture is Hyde Labour Club. This was located at the crossroads of Hoviley Brow, Mottram Street and Fernally Street.

hyde labour club site

This is the area today. Hoviley Brow and Mottram Street have long gone. The only point of reference to where the Labour Club was is Byles roof in the topleft hand corner.

Hyde labour Club, or Hyde Independent Labour Club as it was known, resided at number 58 Lumn Road until it was demolished to make way for more houses a few years ago.


Martha (MM) said...

Just popping in to say hi and see how you are doing. I'm still on break from the headbangers too. Hope all is well with you and your family. I miss all of you! *hugs*

Tom said...

I'm sure I recall this one on the corner Nancy... but I can't recall the one on Lumn Road... Was it the Irish Club that was on Ridling Lane? I know I ended up there a few times after a good drink.. I also remember it being called the 'Gary Owen' and Brian Hunter who had the Queens being in charge... our friend Pauls worked behind the bar then...

I like how one post opens memories or other places... we will now have to find pictures of that place now.. ha!

Hydonian said...

Yes that's right Tom. The Irish League /Gary Owen etc. It's a house now :(

Tom said...

Where did the name Gary Owen come from?.. or is it that obvious I should know? ha!

Tom said...

I've just come across this ....
Garry Owen was the unofficial marching song of the Seventh Cavalry. Gen. Custer reportedly heard the song among his Irish troop and liked it.
I've just played it on You Tube.... to many times because Jane told me to turn that rubbish down... ha!..