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Monday, 14 February 2011

North House Albert Road


Dave took these pictures a week of two back of this house at the far end of Albert Road, it bares the name of  'North House'. 

As can be seen here it is another gem of a house and comes complete with an old fashion stable/coach house block. The entrance faces Edna Street. These out buildings are very similar to the ones posted below by Nancy. It even looks like the woodwork is the same colour. I can't see a Dove Cote on this one, but the small arches are of interest, I think these would have housed glass but were bricked up at some time. All of us who have been involved in these posting realise buildings such as these are now a bit of a rarity in Hyde, and maybe now is the time to do them the honour of saving their charm and beauty in photographs and displaying them here for others to admire..... before they to are sold off as building plots. If you know of anything like this let us know... or get your camera out and write about the house, that way they can be seen by generations to come. 


Dave Williams said...

I noticed on looking at this that the window frames on the left-hand side of the house are green, but the ones on the right-hand side are white. I've sent you an email, Tom, with another photo telling you why I think this is.

Tom said...

Dave.. I forgot that I'd been to this house.... or to part of this house.. the right hand side are flats now.. I'm not sure how many... in the drive way was a 1966 Land rover.... it was in a bad way but very much savable.. £300 bargain.. but Jane said 'no' ha!.. I'd forgot all about this .. yet it was only 2 years back... tut tut..

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Lovely old house, I am guessing it is now two homes and the one painted green owns the stable block perhaps? How sad to see the back in such disrepair:( Wouldn't it be wonderful to see it returned back to it's glory days. Most probably money is the issue. Many thanks Dave for the great photos and of course Nancy and Tom for starting this blog, plus everyone else who contributes to it♥ Linda