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Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Deeley family of Godley

Here is another article on Derek Deeleys family from Godley.
John Deeley was Dereks Grandfather.

John Deeley
John Deeley killed in Action 30/11/1917

The letter his widow recieved and the envelope.


A photo of Johns widow Maria Deeley pictured with Dereks Uncle Jack ,Uncle George and Dereks father Alfred who were all born in Godley.


It must have struck horror into the hearts of families to receive such letters during the war.

Thanks for sharing ,Derek.


Tom said...

A very moving post indeed... thank you Derek for sharing this part of your families and Hyde's history with us.

TCasteel said...

Wow - having the letter and envelope makes it all the more touching.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

Dave Williams said...

The letter and envelope are most interesting. The letter seems to have been sent from the army records office in Dover, but the envelope says something quite different. I remember in the pre-postcode days when on letters sent to somewhere in the immediate neighbourhood you didn't bother with the County name ('Cheshire' in this instance), but you simple wrote 'Local' in the bottom left-hand corner. So would batches of these condolence letters have been sent from the records office to somewhere local to be distributed?

Tom said...

That is a very interesting bit of information Dave... I never it it a thought but I should think you are correct.