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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Godley School

Godley School 1885

This charming photo was sent to us by Derek Deeley.
It shows Godley School in 1885. All the children dressed up in their finest clothes by the looks of things. A couple of faces look quite familiar - I wonder if I know any of their descendents?

Many Thanks Derek.


Tom said...

The first thing I notice was the brickwork and old it looked then... I wonder when the building went up..
As your say Nancy, looking at these old pictures some of the faces do look familiar.. A while be we showed some pictures from Hyde Chapel and Enfield Street. I thought then I recognised many of the faces, then when I was typing up the names I realised I was looking at the parents of some of the children I went to school with. at Enfield Street.
The teacher would not look out of place as a gun-slinger from an old western, I could see him stood shoulder to shoulder with Wild Bill Hickok.

Hydonian said...

The little one on the front row ,far right looks like one of the New family that I was at school with. There's a chance it could be some relation I suppose.

rowan said...

This is an amazing picture. The childrens clothes are really interesting.
How lucky they were to be at school.
I wonder if they knew what was happening when the picture was taken. Photos were rare things at this time.

Dave Williams said...

I like the ones peering through the window at the back!

rowan said...

Yes. It must have been a big event! Look at the ties the ones in the front row have to hold their socks up.

Tom said...

Well spotted Dave... I'd looked at the window myself and not noticed the faces. Great picture for sure.