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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mary Street

Mary Street was the home of my paternal grandparents  Thomas and Sarah Wigley...... I can recall going there when my grandfather was alive so I was probably 3-4 years old at that time.. I recall sitting on his knee and his pocket watch and fob chain... He died in September 1962, 2 months after my 4th birthday. As for Mary Street I recall parts of the house and certain objects in it. I remember on the wall a picture of a coal mine... little did I realise it was Hyde Lane Pit... but more on that picture again. 


I recall these steps very well


View From Clarke Way


My cousin Joyce lived on Mary Street with Gran and Granddad.  The above picture was taken outside the family home when she was 8 years old, is now in her 70s. Joyce has a great memory and whenever the chance arises I gleam more information from her.  


All these 'up to date' are courtesy of our very own photographer Dave Williams  

This is the view looking back towards Clarke Way


On the left was Caxton Mill a building which had some beautiful features to it.



Tom said...

Thank you to Dave for this posting without his pictures it just would not have been the same.
I have enjoyed combining a bit about my family with the Street where they lived.

Dave Williams said...

I take it that the building in the background on the right-hand side of your picture is the ex-DSS office on Newton Street/Dukinfield Road. Does this mean that the houses in your picture are in the same place as the buildings are in my photos?

Hydonian said...

The first photograph evokes many memories for me. This was the site where the funfair was held when I was a child - before they moved to the Park Road site. Many happy hours were spent here on the "rides" and trying to win a coconut, a prize or a goldfish :)