Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Great Norbury Street


Complete With cobbles and Gas Lamps


Dave Williams said...

I think that the nearest street crossing Great Norbury Street is Croft Street. The pattern of the upstairs windows on the row of terraces going up Great Norbury Street (the first 4 windows aren't as close together as the next 8) matches the houses which stand in that spot. The windows and the door on the end of the terrace aren't the same now, but that could have been changed. But if you look up the right hand side of the street you can see what appears to be a pillar box on the corner of the next street up, and there's currently a pillar box on the corner of Chapel Street. There's also a street lamp in much the same spot as the one in the photo, but they always tend to be put on street corners anyway. I'll email you an interesting photo of a lamp post.

Tom said...

I've noticed in the past that lamp post, post boxes and the like are normally in the same place or there about when renewed. The other things I try to do is line up the windows like you have Dave and of course chimneys. It striking how quite the road is compared to today... none of those mini round abouts at the junctions, and how nice a view it is for no parked cars.

Rose said...

I have just found your site and was pleasantly surprised to see the house on Great Norbury Street 147 where most of my years of growing up where spent in, how nice. Before that I lived in Croft Street. I have many happy memories of the youth club at St. Georges and lot's of friends. I now live in Romania but will never forget I am a Hydonian and proud of it. Good site thanks for the memories. Kindest Regards, Rose Kennedy former Rose Dobson.

Tom said...

Thank you Rose....
Feel free to contact us by email hydonian@gmail.com if there is anything you would like to see.. maybe from your Croft Street home, and we will do our best. We are always pleased to help.