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Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Maypole Dairy

This charming postcard was sent to us by John F. It shows the Maypole Dairy in Godley. This stood on the site of Otto Monsteds Margarine Factory on Mottram Road. A lovely building indeed. The Maypole Dairy ,was in turn, taken over by the Wall's Meat Company circa 1925.

I think the Olive Tree Pub is still in existence here and shown far left of the picture.It was closed down around 1922 and later demolished.
Thanks John for sharing the postcard.


Dave Williams said...

It is the Olive Tree. The booklet 'A History of the Pubs of Hyde and District' says: 'The Olive Tree together with some cottages were on the site of the old Walls factory...', and then: 'He (ie Otto Monsted) demolished the cottages and built a new factory on the site with an imposing facade, retaining the Olive Tree as virtually part of the works.'

Tom said...

What a stunning building... Otto Monsted had the right idea....

Hydonian said...

Thanks Dave :)

Optymystic said...

WW1 military records indicate that my great uncle Edgar Dobb (later superintendent of Hoviley Brow Primitive Methodist Chapel) was prior to his war service in 1918 a box marker at the Hyde Margarine company. Tameside records indicate that at the end of the war, Lever brothers shifted the Hyde Margarine company to its new complex at Port Sunlight. Consequently my father was born at Bromborough, in a Lever brothers property on the Wirral to which my Hydonian grandparents had moved.

I wonder how many people from Hyde made the same move to Port Sunlight

Tom said...

I should think all the ones that did move to Port Sunlight were well impressed... Thanks for your comments and your time.