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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Old Road - Bennet Street and Field Street.

Out and About With Dave and his Camera

We recently did a post about a family called Rowbottom - Rowbotham who lived in this area which can be viewed here: Rowbottom/Rowbotham   Dave saw the post and went out for us and took this great set of  pictures of how the area looks now.


 The 'Chip Shop' at No. 65 


 The rest of that row of houses looking towards Field Street 


 Field Street at the junction with Old Road 
 St Stephen's Church in the background 


 The only 2 remaining houses on Field Street - Nos. 18 and 16 


 Field Street where it meets Bennett Street 


Old Road looking towards the Chip Shop
 Taken from the junction with Bennett Street 


 Bennett Street looking towards St Stephen's Church 
 Taken in front of Rosemount Church with Old Road on the left 


  The Chip Shop row from opposite Field Street  

Thank you again Dave.. sets such as these will one day be very much sought after I'm sure.  


rowan said...

My great great gran would be proud to see the pictures of her old shop and the place where she brought up her family. I am proud of it and them too. I´ve never been to this area but it´s special to me. Thank you for taking the photos, dave

Dave Williams said...

You're welcome, Rowan - I'm so glad you're pleased with them.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

I loved talking a walk around this area, many thanks Dave, much appreciated. Linda