Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ridling Lane Social Club.

A membership card from the Ridling Lane Social Club.
The Ridling Lane Social Club was situated at 58, Ridling Lane, Hyde.

This is an aeriel view of where the club stood.
The star shows the site of the club before its demolition.


Tom said...

Nice to see the membership book as survived so well. I have recently discovered that my Grandfather Thomas Edward Wigley ran this club and at another time Hyde United Social Club, I'm sure there was another he was involved with... I will find out about that one. I wonder what the bar prices were Nancy...

Tom said...

After mentioning the bar prices I had to have a look ... In 1984 it was 66p a pint, and back in 1964 it was 8p a pint.

When Harold Wilson was elected in 1974

Suzi Quatro was at No.1 with Devil Gate Drive.
Best film. The Godfather, Part II
FA Cup Winners... Liverpool 3, Newcastle United 0
Petrol was 11.4p for leaded per litre.
Beer was 15p for a pint of bitter.
Cigarettes 30p for a pack of 20
Bread was 14.2p for a white sliced loaf.
Milk was 5p a pint...

Dave Williams said...

Nearly right Tom. I don't think litres had been inflicted upon us in 1974 so petrol would have been 51.8p per gallon, which MOST people would have thought of as 10 shillings and 4 pence per gallon - and SOME of us do still mentally convert prices in such a way!