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Friday, 29 April 2011

Views Around Hyde (7)

After reading Ex-Hydonian's comment on Dunc's great picture.... see below.

An absolute gem of a photo. Love this shot.....makes me feel hydesick. Am stuck in the Australian desert a million miles from anywhere, no green grass, no rolling hills....just mile upon mile of red dirt. Brilliant photo Duncan. 


I thought I'd treat him to another great shot..... this one has been sent in by JohnT and he says:

Following the post today showing the photograph from Werneth Low taken early morning I attach a photograph I took from Werneth Low looking over Manchester. It makes you appreciate how lucky we are being so close to beautiful countryside with such fantastic views.
Thank you John... great view and I'm sure Hydonians across the globe will look at this view and yesterdays while feeling a little bit homesick..


Ex Hydeonian said...

You guys have done it again.....wonderful photo John. You people are indeed fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. I dont think I realised how beautiful Hyde is untl I moved across the globe. Thanks for these photos....very much appreciated.

Tom said...

It's our pleasure... and it is comments such as yours that have kept this blog going... When we started this venture we had no idea hope popular it was going to be..

Tom said...

We have had an email sent in from Mark Cheetham... he enjoyed seeing this picture... he said what made it apart from the stunning view was those cows are his.... cheers Mark.

celtbard_2000 said...

Many memories come back from this picture of walking up the Low.

Tom said...

Hello Celtbard...
Thank you for you comment and I'm happy to here that John's great pictures bought back some happy memories.