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Sunday, 29 May 2011

A blast from the past ! Disappeared shops

 photo hydemusiccentre001.jpg

Whilst "tidying" the loft recently I came across this paper bag from the 1970's . It is from Hyde Music Centre which was a shop that sold albums, cassettes and 7 inch singles and was a mecca for music lovers all over the area! From what I remember, the owner was called Alan. The assistants always seemed so cool, too!
I used to love this shop and spent so much time (and money) in there. I especially liked the special order book which had all the imports listed including the Northern Soul ones - I still have all the records I bought in there - some now quite rare!
Sadly, the shop closed it's doors circa 2002 and Greenhalghs Bakers now occupies the site. If anyone has any photos of the music centre shop , I'd be very happy to show them on here!

Ahhh, happy days ! :)


Tom said...

Excellent find Nancy
I remember going in here with Tony Collins.. he bought many a 'import' from here.. I recall Denise Swinburn working in there... I'm also reminded of how the 'Mall' was back then.. the gap between the shop and Tesco's was a wind trap and it would come blowing into the Mall carrying dust and litter and it swirled around in front of Tesco's.

Anonymous said...

I have a £10 voucher for this music shop! Don't think I'll be able to redeem it on pasties and pies though! ;)

Seb. L.

Tom said...

Hi Seb...
maybe you could still cash this voucher in..

Anything by Bread or maybe one one of these golden oldies ha!
"Someone's left the cake out in the rain"
“Baker Street”
“Mouldy Old Dough”

Hydonian said...

Hey Seb, could you send us a scan of the said Record Voucher so we can add it to the link? That'd be great! :)

Anthony Cross said...

I worked there from 1998 to 1999 I loved that place and yes Alan still had it then
Good-times often thought of