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Monday, 23 May 2011

A lovely story.

Dog And Rook Play Together

The following newspaper cutting was taken from The North Cheshire Herald dated October 1958. It is a lovely heart warming tale. Makes a nice change from all the burglaries and car thefts nowadays!!


Thanks to Helen Hodkinson.



Tom said...

Hope you like the picture I've added Nancy

This reminded me of a Kestrel I once had.... it would happily sit on my dogs back and pick fur from him.. and of course the dog would sit there letting it... the same dog would let my sisters rabbits jump around it. Yet if I took it out shooting it would bring back rabbits and pigeons.. The Kestrel thought it was a homing pigeon... I could let it go anywhere and it would fly to the top of Gee Cross mill and when I wanted it home I only had to wave a bit of cloth and it would fly to me..

ceecee said...

I used to live next door but one to Percy Swindells, we always thought the bird was a crow hence the name - Jimmy Crow.Its sounds a nice story but in reality I remember my Mother and other neighbours chasing it away as it had a party trick of pinching the pegs off the clothes line which wasn't at all welcome on wash days.

Tom said...

Hi Ceecee
Thank you for commenting... I can well imagine how cocky the crow would have been... I had a Magpie for a while when I was younger.. and that was just the same.. it would pull the pegs and washing would fall on the ground, it would attack the window cleaner as well... As a child I thought it was very funny.. it disappeared one day... never to be seen again... about the same time my dad took a rabbit in a box down to his allotment to 'eat the greens' it was many years later I found out that it was the magpie..

Dave Williams said...

Rooks and crows are difficult to tell apart. The story is that if you see a rook on its own it's a crow, and if you see a lot of crows together they're rooks (rooks being gregarious creatures - hence the rookeries where they all roost together).

ceecee said...

Thank you Dave now I will Know how to tell a crow from a rook. Also another little snippet for you Percy Swindells was the groundsman for the playing fields that Greenfield St school & Leigh St Seniors used behind Lumb rd.I remember having our coronation party on this field.

Jean said...

Jimmy Crow came to a sad demise when a youth who lived on Grange Road shot him with a air rifle.I also remember the Coronation party and getting yet another mug.

Tom said...

As a lad from Greeny, I remember having to run around that field... in all weather... and compete in the sports days that were held there... I think I must have hated every blade of grass at that time.. ha!