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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Walls Ice-cream lorry


I recall Wall's Ice-Cream vans and lorries coming through Hyde and like a lot of other kids at that time I would make the 'W' sign with my thumbs and index fingers, and more than often the driver would do it back with a smile on his face. I cannot imagine that happening today... it would not be seen as 'Cool' unlike the Icecream.

Updated 22/05/11
Mo's Picture


Mo' sent this picture in which he believes was taken in Godley as he thinks he knows one of the men. I wonder if there are any more vehicles we could add to this post...    


celtbard_2000 said...

My father worked in the personel department at Walls. He would bring ice cream on a regular basis an Walls sausages. The most fun was at the employee's children's Christmas parties and I got to see dad as a clown in full costume

Tom said...

Hi Celtbard
It is always good to get a comment telling us one of our postings as bought back memories..

Mo said...

My dad worked in the offices at Walls too! I remember the christmas parties really well. We used to go to the cinema then over the road to the Town Hall for a party - Ahh those were the days my friend.:)

Tom said...

Hi Mo
I'm glad I posted the picture now... any pictures from one of these party's would be nice....

Hydonian said...

Sadly, we dont have any but I'd be happy if anyone else came up with one ! No-one had cameras in those days really - not like now anyway !

Anonymous said...

visit my facebook page for more vintage Wall's ice cream trucks.

Chris Stevens

By the by, '66 AEC Mandator GFH 101D was a Gloucester based unit!


Tom said...

Hi Chris
Thank you for the info... I will stop by and have a browse.. have you a link?

POMMFan said...

No wonder the "Bulk Supply" Wall's drivers' were so happy....at THAT time it was one of the best paid driving jobs in Gloucestershire!