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Monday, 18 July 2011

Birdcage Walk Flowery Field

Black and White picture provided by Grant


Birdcage Walk Lodge Lane End


Birdcage Walk is a footpath that goes between Lodge Lane and Bennet Street...   The entrance to Floweryfield Train Station in off this footpath by the Bennet Street side. I'd like to know how it got it's name.... can you help?


Dave Williams said...

Is it anything to do with the Birdcage Walk in London - which is actually a street which runs along the southern edge of St James's Park? According to Wikipedia that was named after the Royal Menagerie and Aviary which were located there in the reign of King James I. Also according to Wikipedia, "By the mid-19th Century , the walk had gained notoriety as a cruising ground for homosexual trysts."

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Here is the Lodge Lane end then in 2010 http://hydedailyphoto.blogspot.com/2010/01/footpath-to-flowery-field.html

Tom said...

Dave: I hope it is not a 'Cruising' ground for homosexuals which as given this pathway it's name... I check the maps that I have today hoping to come up with some form of explanation but nothing showed up.... I'm more determined now to find out how it got it's name.

Jean said...

In the late 50s Birdcage Walk was nearly all Pigeon Cotes, maybe this has got something to do with the name.It was certainly a !walk! for courting couples.

Tom said...

Now I can see that being a better reason for the name... I think I'd prefer the 'Homing' to the 'Homo' connection... ;o)

Hydonian said...

haha @ Toms comment!
I remember this walkway very well as we used it frequently ,walking through Hyde Park up to Bennett Street to visit my Nan!

Hydonian said...

Thanks Grant ,for the use of the photo - It certainly brought back some memories!

Dave KAG said...

Could it just have been that there was wire fencing on either side? Along the railway and on the other side along the play park? Hence walking along it was like being in a bird cage.