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Saturday, 30 July 2011

From Hyde To Wanganui

We have been contacted by Alan and Brenda Maddocks from Wanganui New Zealand, and this is what he has to say:

I enjoy browsing your website.  My wife Brenda and I lived at 3 Cleveland Avenue, Hyde, 1962 -69, An electrician I worked for Hyde Corporation for a few months during 1966, then for Godley Footwear until 1969. Brenda at one time worked part time at Walls and for a company at Gee Cross that sold paper products but we cannot remember it's name.  Early 1970 we moved to Denton and in 1973 emigrated to Wanganui New Zealand. Our son and daughter were both born at Aspland Home. One thing I enjoyed about living in Cleveland Avenue, a short walk along Alexander Street and there was the canal, a great place for a walk along the towpath.


I have a collection of postcards, including the one above, it is unused and I cannot remember how I acquired it.  I hope your readers could date the photograph, maybe even recognise some of the people.


I took this photograph 2 evenings ago, we are in winter now in NZ but we are having a few days of clear weather, bright sunny days but cold at night.  The peak on the horizon is Mount Taranaki, about 60 miles away as the crow flies.




Thanks again to Dave Williams for these pictures of Cleveland Avenue


Tom said...

I think the clue is the Mini Van.. these van were introduced in 1960.... the clothes and hair styles also point to the very early 1960s... Dave is normally very good at this...

I also contacted our Gee Cross friends from the Grapes Bowling club... Eric Downs and Derek Topping.... they came up with 'Moon Paper Products' and think it was at one time on Dowson Road opposite the Shell Garage where the new block of flats are now. Where Cockshoots car pitch was before the flats were built..
I seem to recall a chap called Ridgeway from Gee Cross that had Home Workers making Christmas Decorations but that was in the early 1980s..

Dave Williams said...

You're right about the van, Tom, and the lorry coming up Market Street is an ERF which dates to (I think) 1959. The photo most definitely looks to be early 1960s. I'll email you some photos of Cleveland Avenue which I took earlier this year.

Hyde Lad said...

The Postcard is by Liliwhite of Brighouse, who were prolific in producing cards starting from around the 1930's. This series started around 1958.The minivan registration is a B reg which was only introduced in 1964, so if the van is new the year must be 1964.

Tom said...

I couldn't make the reg number out.. the pictures of Cleveland Avenue add a nice touch to this post... thank you Dave.