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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Municipal Building

District Offices Greenfield St

District Offices Greenfield Street 2

This fine looking building was on on the corner of Water Street and Greenfield Street, the sign in the picture says 'District Offices'. I never went in the building and never knew what went on in there... yet I would have walked past it many times on my way to Greenfield Street School... The Building was back to back with the Old Fire Station...  If you know more about what went on in there... when it was built or pulled down please let us know. What a shame such a building as this was lost for what is now a car park. I wonder where those columns and stone work ended up... 

Pictures By Dave Williams 


hardyd said...

Hi, I know the buildings were some kind of council offices can't remeber much just going in with my mum when I was young, they where just as majestic inside with wood panelling etc as they were outside however the newer building on the right was where the school dentist were. I remember going in and having 5 teeth pulled out at once under a general anesthetic and walking into a wall after this because I was still drugged up from the anesthetic, I was about 9 or 10 years old at the time.

Tom said...

Thanks for commenting.. I hope someone as pictures of the inside knocking about... As for the health clinic I remember taking my sons there for injection... ha! I never like that building on stilts..

Hydonian said...

Great photos Tom.
I've been looking for photos of this for years!
Such a shame that all we have to show for the Fire station,Greenfield St school, this fine building and the Water Street Methodist(?) church is ASDA and it's car park.
Sacrilege !

Tom said...

We have Dave to thank for the pictures... I have a couple of pictures of the old school building somewhere Nancy... would that have been the church?

Dave Williams said...

From The History of Hyde:

"Hyde Wesleyan Church

Services in connection with the Wesleyan Methodist Society appear to have been first conducted in Hyde in the year 1811, in association with the Ashton-under Lyne Circuit. These services were held in various places, chiefly in cottages. Early in 1815 the building at the corner of Cross Street and Water Street was secured, and here services were held regularly, and a Sunday school was started. In 1821 it was decided to build a larger chapel upon a plot of land facing Water Street, Port Street, and Milk Street. The land was conveyed to the Society by John Howard, Esq., for a nominal sum of five shillings."

So the Wesleyan Church was on Water Street on what is now the car park at the back of Woodhead House on Market Street. I thought I'd seen a picture of it somewhere quite recently, but I can't now find it.

JohnT said...

If my memory serves me right I used to go in that church for art lessons with Mr Fenton when I was at Greenfield Street School in the late 50's. Correct me if I'm wrong.

downsie21 said...

If my memory serves me correctly the building housed amongst others the area health authority and the Borough's architect and engineering departments.
What I don't know is why this building and the Fire station were demolished.
Eric Downs

Tom said...

Thanks Eric
That ties in with the Clinic being added on to the side. .. You touched on this and the Fire Station being lost... and I agree... Town's should look after buildings such as these... and protect them from plans such as what happened here in Hyde.

Leanne said...

I worked in this building in 1999, it was part of tameside and glossop primary care group. I left that same year but I think these offices moved to denton in 2000 so it must have been empty for a while after that.