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by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Hyde Central Station ?

I wonder if anyone can confirm if these are from Hyde Central, and if so knows anything about them.


ian... said...

The top pic looks similar Tom, although the base of the pillars at Hyde Central have a short buttress sticking out with a large coping stone - at least the do on the side of Gt Norbury St.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Newton (for Hyde) has arches too.

Hydonian said...

I think it IS Newton Station, Gerald. I seem to remember reading the description of these photos somewhere.

Tom said...

We will have to get this one right now..... ha! I would have thought both stations to have been very busy back then, as Ian says the pillars are similar in the top pic... maybe a better view can be had from Aldi's car-park of the back now. It would be great if more pictures from Hyde's stations turned up. I recall Hyde Central being very busy.. I would go down to watch the pigeon baskets being loaded into the train on Race day with my dad. I 'think' there used to be 3 wheeled vehicles that would deliver and pick goods up now I come to think of it.. That as to have been very early 1960's. I put 'think' as I'm not 100% sure that the memory of that is right.. Dad took me to Tib Street in Manchester a lot at that time... buying and selling animals... chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and pigeons mostly... So maybe those vehicles could have been from around Manchester. I will have to go visit google now about those and see if I can put a name to them.

Dave Williams said...

British Railways, as they then were, had a large fleet of these 3-wheeled vehicles in the 1950s and I particularly remember the one in the goods yard at Denton station at that time. They were Scammell Scarabs, and you can read about them here:

Tom said...

Cheers Dave..
I'd not had time to check them out as we had the grandchildren stopping over... these are the ones.. I have been trying to remember them and if it was Hyde or Manchester I saw them... I'd have only been a tot.. (born 1958) but these are the ones..

Dave Williams said...

I've had a wander round Central Station and Newton Station, but it's fairly inconclusive. The first picture, at least, doesn't seem to have been taken at Newton as the stonework there appears to be a regular construction - more like a brick wall - whereas that at Central Station is random as in the photograph. I'll email my photos to you Tom.

ian... said...

It doesn't seem to be the Aldi side near Central either - had a look today :>/

Another possible is the bit now taken up by Travis Perkins yard.

Where are the pics from out of interest? Are they suggested to be from around here?

Tom said...

Thanks for looking Ian... they were for sale on Ebay..... about 6 weeks back... I missed these but luckily my brother copied them for me in case they come up again. They were advertised as 'Hyde Central'

Tom said...

Hi Dave.. thanks for your help here... the first one I think looks like there's a chance of it being Hyde Central.. or there about... the second one needs to have the stables and the stair case verified.. I hope we can suss this out one way of other.. thanks for helping out.... again ;0)

jenny roberts said...

On the Aldi side of the railway arches, there is a staircase going up. On the 1896 ordnance survey map it shows a building at right angles to the railway almost at the same point where the staircase is.The stables could have been here. Still struggling with the first one, the arches are all wrong!

Tom said...

Hi Jenny
I think you are right with the first picture... it could be across the road from Aldi on either side of the railway or even on the side opposite of B&Q.
Would be nice to match it up.
Thanks for all your comments Jenny..