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May 2015
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Friday, 31 December 2010

Magic Tree (2)

We have been asked for directions to Hyde's Magic Tree that we featured the other day... well we have done better than that... our very capable resident photographer Dave Williams went back down there and took more pictures for use which show the way to find the tree. So it's over to Dave........


I thought the easiest way to tell you where the tree is would be to go down there and take a series of photos, so I did that this morning... You go down Apethorn Lane and over the canal bridge .


then down the steps and the path towards the river...


Go through the gate...... 

and by the side of the river....

and where the path coming across the bridge from Gibraltar Lane crosses that path, go straight ahead ...


follow the man with the dog!..... Go up the rise and past the bench on the left......


then follow the path till you see a small signpost on the left telling you about the lime trees......


The 'magic tree' is just ahead of you on the right.... 


You will see that the tree still has a good display of leaves .
Thanks you again Dave for coming to the rescue..... this walk would be great to start the New Year off.... and on that subject I'd like to wish all our friends and fellow Hydonians far and wide... and one or two we have adopted as honorary Hydoniana as well.... a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Nancy & Dunc
Tom & Jane


JohnT said...

Thanks for that, it was the reference to Gower Hey Wood that threw me, I've got Gower Hey Wood as attached: -http://www.lhi.org.uk/docs/Gower_heywood_Leaflet.pdf
I'll be down to have a look at the 'magic tree' tomorrow.
Many thanks for a great site and I also wish you and all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Tom said...

Now you mention it I'm not to sure if this is part of Gower Hey... I know Gower Hey follows the valley right down to the river. The last bit of Gower Hey is I think at the side of Woodend Farm and stops at the Tame. Just had a look on a 1836-51 Tithe Map.. it shows that plot of land belonging to Samuel Ashton.. and it was 'occupied' by Ann Sidebotham. Plot name 'Paradise and wood in it'... Paradise sounds about right for that area... that woods was landscaped many many years ago... there's still a few 'specimen' trees to be found in that area.. follow the footpaths around there and look for signs of how it might have once looked.
As a child I played around there quite a lot... we had 'dens' in the air-raid shelters around there.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The name Gower Hey Woods seems to be attached to a large area stretching from near Dowson Primary through Swains Valley to the canal and past that into Haughton Vale.

Hydonian said...

Fantastic set of photos here,Dave!
Makes me want to go for the walk to the Magic Tree :)