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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pole Bank Video

This excellent short film was sent to us by David Barlow.....
Click the link below which will take you to YouTube.

 Pole Bank Video

Hi Hydonians, For any of you who haven't had a wander around the pond and woodlands of Pole Bank lately this might be right up your street. It won't win any BAFTAs and Charlton Heston's not in it but I think it does capture some of the beauty and nature in Pole Bank. If you click on the link it should take you straight to You Tube. The quality suffers a bit on full screen on You Tube so it might look better just on expanded. If any kids watching start yawning...tell them to look out for a glimpse of Hyde Chapel steeple which makes a fleeting cameo appearance.
Many Thanks David !! :) Much appreciated !


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Some excellent close-ups included here.

the tufty club said...

Great memories of pole bank, used to get my conkers from here when I was a young lad. They used to have some big Koi Carp in the pond then. Nice to see it cleaned up again.

Anonymous said...

hello everyone - eileen from bolton here.
thanks david for the pole bank video. as i said last week, we used to play here as children and i've visited often with my family when in hyde. you should have a job making tourist information films - it's brilliant! if the kids ARE getting bored over the holidays tell them to get their wellies on and get down there. especially if it's a bit dark - get them into the woods, they'll soon wake up, it's a bit spooky! and little one's love pond dipping with a net in spring. don't forget your jam-jar with the string handle. love the photo's with snow too. might bump into you next time we're in hyde. bye!

Werneth Low said...

David, this is pure magic - thank you so much for sharing it with us. A priority on my next visit to Hyde is a walk in Pole Bank - can't wait!

Trish said...

Well done David, this is a lovely bit of film of Pole Bank,a lot of effort has gone into it. It has brought back memories, as I haven't been there for quite a few years now, my mum used to take us there quite a lot when we were little to feed the ducks and to play on the grassy area through the gap, great days, funny, how it always seemed to be sunnier in them days. When my daughters were little I also took them there aswell, lovely place to visit!

B Williams said...

This is great. I must have a walk up the road when the weather gets better. I haven't been to Pole Bank for over twenty years. It will be my New Years resolution to visit in the Spring.

Tom said...

Fantastic Dave
I've had a love affair with Pole Bank since I was a small boy... and no wonder seeing this video.
I've not felt well of late and seeing this as cheered me no end. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the video david, it's lovely. this will bring a lot of memories back for the wigley family. we used to visit for days out. fishing for tiddlers or froglets, feed the ducks and count the babies, have adventures in the woods going down to the fairy bridge and in summer admire the beutifully kept gardens. in my mind i can still smell the fantastic display of flowers in "blue-bell woods", even in freezing cold december. anyone reading this blog who have children or grandchildren get them down there this new years day for their own little adverture!
cheers everyone!
eileen from bolton

Dave B said...

Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated. Its good to know there are others out there who also have Pole Bank close to heart. Spent a lot of time in there as a young lad, great friends,great memories, magical place!

Werneth Low said...

Dave, thank you so much for this magical film. I've watched it several times now and each time I see something new. The wildlife is so beautiful. First job of 2013 - get Pole Bank a blue plaque!