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Monday, 3 December 2012

House Title Deeds

When I eventually paid off the mortgage on the house the building society sent me the deeds to the house, although now that the Land Registry records have been computerised it's apparently not necessary for house owners to retain the deeds. The conveyance for the plots of land on which Marlborough Road and Balmoral Avenue were eventually built was dated 1938 and referred back to an earlier indenture dated 1881. The following amendment to the original indenture is dated 10 March 1924 and refers to the plans to build what later became Dowson Road:

The three plans shown below form part of the conveyance:
On this one the part of Dowson Road which then existed is shown as Stanley Road, although the original name is usually shown as Swain Street - was Stanley Road just a misprint?. What is now Garside Street is shown as Haughton Street, which is the street you now come to if you go up Garside Street and take the path to the left after going through the gate - it joins Market Street at the side of The Bush. The row of houses between the old railway line and AWB Motors' garage (photo below) were already there at that time and are shown on the plan.

This is similar to the last plan, although someone has mis-spelt 'Gower Road' as 'Bower Road'. At the top of the drawing it says 'Hyde Steam Laundry' and underneath those words it looks as if a large building is shown at the back of what is now Enfield Court. In June 2011 we featured a series of adverts and there's one for the Hyde Steam Laundry near the end of the post which shows the address as 'Swain Street, Hyde'.

The last plan was on an almost A3 size paper and I've scanned just part of it which shows that part of Gower Hey Wood which lies behind King George Road:
The pathway outlined in red coming up from the bottom of the plan is the one leading from Osborne Road down into Gower Hey Wood and the buildings marked near 'Goer Hey House' probably include Gower Hey Mill, about which little appears to be known.


Anonymous said...

I have the title deeds for premises in Clarendon Place, these date from the last quarter of the nineteenth century and are full of information regarding the owners of the land and the names of long forgotten streets.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Fascinating post. Hyde Steam Laundry appears to be at the bottom of Markland Street so maybe it was where the hand carwash is now. I've taken to referring to the green space between the ends of Garside and Haughton Streets as Swain's Valley which is the name of the allotments.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Blimey, looking at the wording of the HOuse deeds they were using 'Text talk' in 1924.

And the youngsters of today think they invented it eh ?

Marjorie said...

A very interesting post. I have read that Dowson Rd was built about 1925 or 26 which fits in with this information. It was named after the Rev Dowson. I believe his Vicarage was at the Stockport end of Dowson Rd, perhaps where the Smith Knight motor showroom now is. Can anyone confirm this? Also, it would be interesting to see the info from Anonymous on Clarendon Place.

Trish said...

Interesting post Dave, I lived on King George Rd Hyde from 1950-1959,(I loved this house) I was 13 when our family moved from here onto Marlborough Rd, Hyde in July 1959, and I lived there until I married in 1966

Hydonian said...

Great post, Dave !
I like anything like this. Plans that show old roads etc. I have a map of an auction of the buildings in the centre of Hyde somewhere, complete with the prices that the buildings were selling for.
Will dig it out when I have a moment.

Perfectpastries said...

Absolutely Fascinating. From the age of 5, I lived at 20 Osborne Road from 1953 to 1970? and Gower Hey Wood was my World - I am so pleased that it remains a pleasure to the current generation. With the Mill connection - was what we knew as the swamp - could this have been a Mill Pond or was it just a natural hollow in the landscape? Have a think and any ideas would be much appreciated.

Phil Rhodes