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Friday, 21 December 2012

Joseph Chadwick

This photo and account has been sent to us by Peter Howard...
Over to Peter...


"The gentleman driving the coach is my great grandfather Joseph Chadwick (1844-1913). He was born in Compstall as his father was an overlooker of weavers in the mill there. His father William Chadwick was born in Newton where the many of the family can be traced through the censuses.
Joseph senior married and his family grew up in Hyde, during the cotton famine they went to America for a few years but returned to Hyde where he bought 3 houses in the newly built Nelson Street.
His son, Joseph (junior) Edward Chadwick (1875-1947) was born in the USA but brought up in Nelson Street. The family were coal carters and furniture removers. The Hearts of Oak business used to run excursions as can be seen, I guess the photo was taken just before 1900 or so.
Joseph Edward (my grandfather) married Rebecca Middleton in 1897. She was a member of the Middleton family that descended from Eyam in Derbyshire during the plague  of 1664/5. Like the old Mayor of Hyde Thomas Middleton. Although not immediately related , her branch was traced through the writings and research of Thomas Middleton. Rebecca's grandfather came to Hyde from Eyam around 1820 where he had Fern Bank Farm at Gee Cross.
My mother, Edith Chadwick, was born in Nelson Street and my father lived there also. They met as they both worked in 'North's Mill'
My Chadwicks can be traced to the late 1700's in Newton and were from a family connected to Mottram church. There being many Chadwicks in the Mottram, Godley and Newton area I cannot find the true origins, this is work in progress."
A very interesting account !
Many thanks, Peter. 
Your sharing is much appreciated :)


Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz. Peter, you didn't attend Floweryfield secondary school in the late 50s and early 60s did you ?

Trish said...

What an interesting post, and that photogragh is great, well done!

Anonymous said...

Whilst researching my Chadwick family history, I came across the wonderful, clear and well preserved photographs of Joseph Chadwick. My grandfather William Chadwick (b.02.05.1875, d 02.08.1957) originated in Hyde and moved to Mellor, Cheshire, as a young man where he set up as a builder. His father, Richard Chadwick, married Mary Hannah Booth and they had, I believe, three children who survived out of a much larger family. I wonder if they were related to Joseph Chadwick?

I am very new to tracing family history but if anyone could help me get started into the origins of my part of the Chadwick family, I would be very grateful.

Neil Montgomery.