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Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Chadwick Family

Following on from thursday post about the Chadwick Family, here is Peter Howard with some more information and great photos.... 
"Joseph Chadwick senior lived at 69 Nelson St, Joseph Edward Chadwick (my grandfather) lived at 69, and my father lived at 115.
My mother's sister, Ethel Chadwick, married John Finch. They lived on Travis St and had a sweet shop about half way down. In later years she worked at Byles".

Joseph Chadwick Senior and his second wife, Eliza Jane Sellers. Her family lived at 24 Nelson St

Chadwicks cart outside St George's Church, Hyde in 1920

The same horse outside 69 Nelson St. The house had a yard at the back where the carts and horses were kept.  The man holding the horse was Jack Braddock of Queen St.

Joseph, Rebecca and family. my mother Edith Chadwick (b.1903) is on Rebeccas knee, the other girl is Jane Chadwick, brother is Walter Chadwick (b.1890). The older girl is their niece, Fanny Pearson. Her parents died and they brought her up as their own. I remember visiting Aunty Fanny often. A very kind lady, as was Aunty Jane.

This must have been taken about 1904/5

 Joseph Edward & Cart. Joseph Edward Chadwick holding the 'horse' in Great Norbury Street. On the card is Joseph Chadwick senior, Edith (my mother) the child on the left, Jane on the right with Walter Chadwick aged about 14. 

"From what I have learned, Robert Middleton moved originally to Gee Cross - Werneth Low about 1820, then by 1840 lived at Acorn Lane, before moving to Fern Bank Farm. His son Joseph Middleton lived at Closes Farm in Godley where Rebecca (my grandmother) was born".

Once again, Peter, thanks so much for the photos and information. It's much appreciated that you took the time and trouble to send them to us !


Trish said...

this is very interesting, I love these old photos, This is a lovely post like the last one was regarding this family.

Marjorie said...

Was it May Day on the 2nd photo? I used to love seeing the horses on May 1st with their manes and tails dressed.

neil montgomery said...

Whilst researching the life of my grandfather, William Chadwick, who lived until 1957 in Mellor, Cheshire, I came across references to the Chadwicks of Hyde, where I believe he was born. He married Alice Eliza (Nee Harrop), possibly also of Hyde.

I would be grateful if any-one could give me more information, or leads, about the forebears of my late grandfather, William, in Hyde or elsewhere.

Neil Montgomery.

Woodbridge, Suffolk.