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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Postcard from home...

Todays post is short and sweet...

It is a postcard of the crossroads at the top of Joel Lane and Werneth Low Road. Circa 1960's.


Who remembers the old shop ?


Werneth Low said...

I remember the shop very well and could never understand why it closed. In the early 50s when I started Holy Trinity School there were twin sisters in my class who lived there - Christine and Mary Blackwell. They didn't stay long though as the family moved from the area. Does anyone know when the shop closed?

An old Gee Cross girl said...

I remember walking up Joel Lane to the shop in the 1950's.
A crowd of us young people would go after afternoon Sunday School at Stockport Road Methodists and sit in the little side room after buying cold drinks.
A great place to weigh up the boys you fancied!

Happy Days

Calumn Robertson said...

I used to live at 236, Higham Lane which was two doors down from the shop. When I first remember it was the Tunstall family and then taken over (I think) for a short time by someone else. I'm guessing it closed as a shop by the end of the 1960s but don't know exactly when. Incidentally, for a time when it returned to a house Mark Taylor and his family lived there. He was a performer/magician/pickpocket who went under the stage name of Mark Raffles. He didn't use pigeons in his act but baby chickens instead - he would load up his car with them in old large bread trays. I met him, quite by chance, over 30 years later at Bispham Tip, Blackpool and we had a good chat. His wife and he both had fleeting appearances in the film 'Funny Bones'.