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Saturday, 22 December 2012

More Adverts from disappeared shops and businesses

Here are a few more Adverts from 1968.


Frankie Appleyard was a very helpful, well known and well liked man around the Hyde area.

Candair Engineering Co Ltd was situated at Johnson Brook Works on Johnson Brook Road.

We were recently contacted by Simon Harkinson the M.D. of Candair, I am reassured and happy to report that the company moved on to Newton Moor Industrial Estate in the mid 1970s where they still are today!


Werneth Low said...

I'm almost certain I bought my first "real" camera from Frank Appleyard. The memory of that occasion was of a very helpful chap who was short in stature, but I could be confusing him with someone else of course. The camera was an Olympus 35 mm SLR and I seem to recall that his shop was on the left hand side of Market Street near to Slaters card shop. I'm going back a long, long way here, so comments would be much appreciated!

Hydonian said...

Yes, you are correct Werneth Low. Frankie Appleyard was a small man but very nice and helpful indeed. His shop was just lower down than Slaters if my memory serves me correctly.