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Friday, 14 December 2012

Newton Street

 Last week we did a post about Handforths pie shop on Newton Street and one of our readers, Werneth Low, wanted to see a picture of the stretch of Newton Street that she had forgotten about.
David Mills has very kindly sent us the following photo - I hope this is the stretch of road you wanted to see,Werneth Low. If not, it's still a great addition to the site  !


Flowery field church and Ashton Brothers Chimney in the background.

Thumbnail for larger view.

Many Thanks, David ! :)


Marjorie said...

Great to see this again. I have walked along here many times. What a difference the motorway has made.

Tom said...

Fascinating to see this view,
I would have walked down here to Mary Street to my Grandparents house, and I can recall the Boars Head pub and the odd shop, yet looking at this picture it is so hard to recall it. The changes with the motorway must have took it's toll on my memory.

Sean said...

What a great picture. It's really evocative and a bit sad too.

Werneth Low said...

Thank you all for this wonderful shot of old Newton Street. Of course I remember it now, and have been trying to recall some of the shops that were there. Alas, the only ones that spring to mind are Moscrop's pram shop and Irene's the florist. I'm sure someone will mention a few others!

Someone in a thread mentioned the No.30 bus which went from Ashton to Stockport via Hyde. Did this bus turn off Newton Street into George Street and wind it's way round to the bus station on its route to Stockport?

Trish said...

I have also walked along here many times from my family's shop (Garbetts) which was on the corner of Newton St and Manchester Rd. I think Handforths pie shop was somewhere near the bottom of Newton St to the right. I know their pies were famous, so mouthwatering, been nothing anywhere like them since! When my eldest daughter was a baby in 1969, I used to push her pram along Newton St up to Flowery field cricket club to watch her dad play. Like Sean said it is evocative to see this picture and sad too, I don't like the way Hyde has changed, its lost all character now.

Werneth Low said...

It is a sad picture as Sean and Trish have said. I had left Hyde before the coming of the motorway and couldn't believe that permission had been given to literally cut the town in half. I'm also not convinced of the advantage of the road as, at the Denton end, it reverts to the A57 as it always was with congestion all the way to Manchester, particularly going through Gorton. At the Mottram end I don't think I've ever seen anything but a build up of traffic, roundabout blocked by inconsiderate drivers and the exit to Mottram Old Road impossible to access unless you drive over the roundabout. Who thought this road would be an improvement? AND, why is there no exit road for Hattersley?