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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Aeriel View of New Market Square 1968

Here is another aeriel view of the Market and the new development in 1968.
The HSBC Bank is still very recognisable from this photo but many of the old shops have gone, amongst them the shoe shops and the butchers shop that were opposite Woolworths.
 Look how many market stalls there were then compared with todays market ! This was maybe because the old market hall was demolished and the new one wasn't ready? Does anyone know?
The old Methodist Church that stood on Norfolk street can be seen top left of the photo.
Parking was available where the DHSS building now stands (bottom right).


Thanks to John Hopwood for the great photo !!
Much appreciated. :)


Rock Ape said...

This once great nation was carried on the backs of millions people like this.What a life he had,in the mill 6am-7.30pm at age nine.And I'm guessing he did not once complain.
God bless him for his sacrifice.
I'm not sure he would like what we have become.

Wermeth Low said...

Think this comment belomgs to the post on Mr Ovens!