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Monday, 24 December 2012

George Frederick Byrom of Pole Bank

David Barlow sent us this fascinating article.....

"Hi Hydonians, I think this guy deserves putting on record for his sheer generosity"
George Frederick Byrom of Pole Bank

....of course we are all familiar with the link between Pole Bank and the Ashton family followed by the Beeley family but ultimately it was George Frederick Byrom who bequeathed his entire estate comprising Hall, gardens and woodland to the people of Hyde.
George was a wealthy Manchester cotton manufacturer, devout Wesleyan Methodist and was General Treasurer of the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society for many years. He married Susannah Bowker of Manchester, they had 1 son and 3 daughters (source-who's who in methodism 1933)
George died 30th March 1942, his wishes were that upon his wife's death (Susannah died 26th February 1945) ownership of the Estate be transferred to the Corporation of Hyde for the people of Hyde with some conditions ......' upon trust that the said Corporation shall preserve the same for the use and recreation of the public in such manner and subject to such regulations in all respects as the Council of the said Corporation may from time to time think proper but subject nevertheless to the Corporation entering into a covenant that the said land and premises shall not be used for the purposes of Sunday games or Sunday music and that the sale or consumption of alcoholic liquor shall be prohibited on the said premises....' "
Attachments:  Transfer of land and property from the Estate of George Frederick Byrom to the people of Hyde

Area of land (edged in red) given to the people of Hyde by George Frederick Byrom

Thanks for sharing this with us, David. 
It's a great piece of local history !


Werneth Low said...

Thank you, David, for this truly fascinating piece of Pole Bank history. I always knew the hall and grounds had been gifted to Hyde Corporation by a previous owner, but never knew who that person was.

Looking back, I would say that, in the whole of my 67 years, Pole Bank has been a care home for elderly ladies, while the grounds have proved to be a place of adventure for countless children growing up in Hyde. I would be interested, though, in knowing if the hall ever had other uses since its bequest to the council. I've always thought that it would have made an excellent local history museum, particularly in view of its connections to the Ashton family.

I haven't been in Pole Bank grounds since I gathered there for the Whit walks in the 1950s, and would love to see present day photos if anyone has some.

Please keep these interesting contributions coming in, David - there is so much to learn from them.

Anonymous said...

hello everyone, eileen from hyde here.
this article reminds me of the times the wigley family used to come to pole bank for a day out. we didn't know the history of the hall and grounds of course, we just couldn't believe our good fortune that we were able to play in the beautiful grounds, fish in the duck pond and have fabulous adventures in the spooky woods going down to the railway line. it still has a fantastic fairy like bridge near the end of the woods. even now i still refer to it as bluebell woods. if you've never been down to the woods before make sure you visit next time to see the breathtaking display. the only problem i have now i'm older is climbing up the enbankment to the railway line! it's disused now. if you turn right, you come to cheetham fold road and the trans pennine trail.
all the best for christmas everyone.
i'm off now to see if santa's on his way!

Dave B said...

Thanks for your comments Werneth Low, they are much appreciated..only recently discovered the information about Byrom and suprised there is no Blue Plaque up at Pole Bank (I know they are awarded for less) to acknowledge such an unselfish and generous gesture benefiting the people of Hyde. Can only think George Byrom has been completely forgotten about and there is no reason other than that.

Anyway Werneth you must realise by now that I am Pole Bank nuts! and as regards photo's I might be able to go one better than that (in some peoples opinion!). About a year ago I made 'Pole Bank-the movie' ha. It won't win any BAFTA'S and Charlton Heston's not in it but its got a few half-decent shots and video clips to music. I'll ask Tom, Nancy and the crew if I send them the link,will it play if someone clicks on it on the Blog

Werneth Low said...

Dave thank you. That sounds amazing. Maybe a blue plaque for Byrom at Pole Bank could be the New Year campaign. I'm happy to write to TMBC if someone can tell me who to contact.

Dave B said...

I'll second that Werneth! We'll have to make some enquires..

sylvia harper said...

Thought you would like to know George Frederick Byrom was my Great Uncle George and was a philanthropist and Pole Bank is just one instance of the Byrom family,s generosity over the years. They built Methodists Chapels, Houses, Schools Rooms and Temperance Halls for their mill workers for such mills as the Royal Albion and Victoria Mills in Droylsden and the Slack Cote Mill in Delph to name but a few.
I would indeed love to see a Blue Plaque displayed within the grounds of Pole Bank in an appropriate location that would be a proud day,
yours, Sylvia Harper nee Byrom