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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Thomas Beeley & Son Boiler Makers

David Barlow has sent us some more information regarding the Beeleys of Pole Bank.
"Thought Hydonians might be interested in these photos unless they are already on the blog....
Thomas Beeley & Son  Boiler Makers  Hyde Junction  (Founded 1875)
Thomas Beeley late of Pole Bank, Hyde was born in 1833 and died in June 1908 aged 75 years.   His son Thomas Carter Beeley of Bowlacre, Hyde died in June 1909 in his fortieth year and one year after the death of his father."
 Thomas Beeley of Pole Bank, Hyde
 Thomas Carter Beeley
 Thomas Carter Beeley of Bowlacre, Hyde
Much appreciated, David ! :)


Werneth Low said...

Thanks again. Thomas Carter Beeley and his daughter, Dorothy Adamson, look so alike. I'll look out a photo of her and see if Nancy will post it.

Dave B said...

Wasn't all laughter and happiness in these stately homes, Bowlacre and Pole Bank. Dorothy Adamson (nee Beeley) born 1897 would have been 12yrs when her father died, her grandfather having died the previous year. Have left you some details on how to get more information on her on the other Thomas Beeley comments section.

Anonymous said...

if you search Hyde blog for The Gardens Hyde Junction you will see some more on Thomas Beeley
Dave Davies

Anonymous said...

I have more Beeley information on my history of his workers houses. Search this Blog for "The Gardens, Hyde Junction".
Dave Davies ex Beeley's Gardens resident.

Dave B said...

Interesting info on The Gardens Hyde Junction, Dave Davies and now I know exact location of the Beeley factory. From where they lived in the Pole Bank/Bowlacre area they could have strolled down to Woodley station (about half a mile) hopped on the steamer which would then deliver them right outside the factory gates at Hyde North station

david devon said...

I always find it fascinating to see how businesses and places have come since the olden days. thanks for sharing