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Friday, 9 July 2010

The Borough Of Hyde

The Borough Of Hyde
How It All Came About

On the night of January 26th, 1879... a group of Ratepayers' voted against a Charter Of Incorporation, however a 'Towns' meeting attracted over 500 Ratepayers at the Mechanics Institute chaired by a Mr. Peter Green the following August 20th and the vote changed in favour and a pettitionfor granting a Charter of Incoporation was to be prepared and presented.


The Hon. Thomas Henry William Pelham

On Thursday, October 28th 1880, The Hon. T. H. W. Pelham, Commissioner, appointed by the Privy Council, in responce to the said pettition signed by 2, 278 ratepayers of Hyde, held an enquiry in the Court House, Beeley Street, Hyde.

Court House Beeley Street which later became Hyde Lads Club

A scheme for the division of the proposed borough of Hyde into three wards was submitted to the commissioner, and facts and figures concerning the population, industries, and rateable value were produched. The population was over 30,000 the people resided in 6,740 inhabited houses, and there was a gross annual rateable value of £118,790. There were 21 Cotton Mills which employed 6,238 adults; 22 Hat Works employing 1,023, there were 20 Engine Works and Iron Foundries employing 267, 3 Collieries with a workforce of 562; Builders and Contractors, employing 300, Railway Works employed 100, and other works, employing altogether over 10,000 adults. There were 25 Churches or places of worship. Only 254 persons were in need of parish relief.

No opposition was offered to the application, and the Charter of Incorporation was granted on February 18th, 1881. The new governing authority was to be known as the HYDE TOWN COUNCIL. It was to consist of 18 councillors, 6 for each ward... and 6 aldermen.

The first election for the Hyde Town Council took place on April 14th, 1881, and the following were elected :


(L) indicates 'Liberal' (C) indicates 'Conservative'
After the newly elected members had appointed six of their number to be aldermen, the vacancies were filled at a by-election in May, 1881, when the following were elected :
(L) indicates 'Liberal' (C) indicates 'Conservative'
The 24 gentlemen named above constituted the first Town Council of the borough of Hyde.


Tom said...

Most of the above information was gleamed from one of Thomas Middletons books... which well over a hundred years ago he had the foresight to document the towns history. In the list of the first 24 Councilors and Aldermen I recognise all the surnames, most of which can still be found in Hyde today.

Hydonian said...

That's an excellent post, Tom - Gives a good insight into the Borough of Hyde. Maybe Thomas Middleton was doing what we are doing with this blog - keeping Hyde alive for all generations ,past and present!

Lizzy said...

I'm impressed how much work you are both putting into this blog - it's so interesting.

Tom said...

Thanks Elizbeth
I speak for both of us, when I say it is our pleasure... a labour of love so to speak... and the more we dig and ask questions the more we are coming up with. We are very lucky that most of the early history was compiled by Thomas Middleton. Old maps give us clues to dates, and there's other clues in the pictures.. Glad it is appreciated....

ew.downs@googlemail.com said...

Thanks Tom & Nancy you're doing a great job.

Tom if you'll get in touch with me I have lots of old photos which I've compared to the present day.