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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Jubilee Celebrations 1931

Jubilee celebrations 1931

The Jubilee celebrations which marked 50 years of the incorporation of the borough of Hyde included a childrens day which was held on the 16th June 1931. All children aged between 3 -15 years got a medal and some chocolate as gifts. Up to 4000 children marched to the Town hall to sing Hymns and the National Anthem. Unfortunately , due to very bad weather, the full programme of activities had to be cut short.Sounds like the weather hasn't changed much in the past 80 years!


They held an Ox Roast the following day which was attended by all the local dignitries .

ox roast 1932
Cutting the first slice.

The roasting of an ox over a fire in the street always played a part in the town's celebrations during major occasions - particularly for this event in 1931 which is said to have drawn people from far and wide. There were street parties, shows, open air plays and many attractions. The party atmosphere was said to have lasted for 10 days!

Shame Hyde doesn't celebrate in style nowadays
Hyde Jubilee Hospital Effort June17th 1931
This is the prize winning bullock which was presented to the towns folk of Hyde to roast as part of their Jubilee Celebrations. The farmer was J.W. Bagshaw of Woodley.
Children making merry at a tea party thrown for the Jubilee Celebrations


Hydonian said...

It's funny isn't it ,the old saying,- "Ah , we were poor but we were happy" ... but the old folk that speak of the old days say what a fantastic community spirit there was. Looking at things like this I can understand why they miss it.....but wouldnt like the abject poverty that usually went hand in hand with it!

Tom said...

My Sister-In-Law as one of the Ox Roasting Plates... I must get a picture of it...
Hyde certainly had a pride in itself and sure knew how to throw a party back then.. Maybe now with the 'Party In The Park' Hyde folk might start to feel more of a pride in the town.

The Mayor at this time was Thomas Middleton seen in the picture above.. he cut the first slice and his wife the second... It was Thomas Middleton who wrote the Annals of Hyde and other local history books.

Lizzy said...

Hey Tom, my mum has one of those plates too, perhaps everyone in GX has!!!!!!

Tom said...

Comment Sent By mail from DAVE K.A.G.

My dad told me about being at the Jubilee Celebration. He was a pupil at Flowery Field and the teachers had dressed them in crepe paper hats in red white and blue so that when they stood in formation the people on the balcony would see a representation of the union flag. The downpour made the colours run. The red and blue kids were dyed to the skin, the white hat kids came off lucky.
Dave K.A.G.