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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Zion Congregational Church

The Zion Congregational Church was started by a number of breakaways from Union Street Congregational Church in 1847. Apparently the split commenced because of ill feeling over a new church organ that was wanted by a few of the congregation. Mr T. Rowbotham, the leader of the agitators, was deprived of the office of Deacon. Upon this two of the other Deacons resigned, and ultimately four persons excommunicated. Besides these four about 20 of their sympathisers withdrew from Union Street, and together they founded a new church at Zion. The Zion Sunday school was commenced on June 20th, 1847, in a room at Gee Cross belonging to Mr. Samuel Rowbotham.

Zion Congregational

There were at opening, 11 scholars and 15 teachers; Mr. Thomas Rowbotham was superintendent, and Mr. Joseph Mycock ,the secretary .
The number of scholars increased weekly until five rooms were filled, and by August land was acquired for the purpose of building a new school and chapel;

Zion Congregational

The new chapel on Stockport Road Hyde was opened on the third Sunday in November 1847. The cost being £1,550. The building consisted of two storeys, the upper potion being the chapel, and the lower one which was used for the school.


Both school and chapel were enlarged in 1859. In 1864 the breach with Union Street was healed. The large school in Peel Street was opened on April 15th 1899 by Mrs. Thomas Brownson



Tom said...

Excellent pictures....it was a stunning builing... I'd almost forgot what it looked like... I recall sitting across the road on that bench by the train bridge and looking up to this building..

Hydonian said...

Yes, I remember the benches - one on each corner. We used to hang around on them as youngsters.. They've been removed now due to noisy ,drunken Teenagers!

Tom said...

Shame.... as bad as we were.. or I were I think we tried to blend in more and not annoy the locals.... We would never have made such noise on our own doorsteps for fear of a think ears... ha! Now look Nancy I've turned into my dad all of a sudden..... bloody teenages..

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

If it were not for the petty disputes in churches there would be a lot fewer of them today.

Tom, how about a little historic gossip on the Unitarian churches. . . . .professional curiosity on my part.

Tom said...

Hi Philip.. hope you are well...
I'm sure Nancy or myself can sort something out for you concerning Unitarian Churches