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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Werneth Low In The Snow


What a stunning photograph this is. I'd like to thank Tony Husband for this great view. I've had the pleasure of seeing many of Tony's photographs now.. he might be better known for his cartoons but the artist shows through in his photography work as well.. 
Thank to Paul Brooks for sending this in.


Werneth Low said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful shot.

Hydonian said...

Tony tells me this was taken a couple of years ago and not this week.... So we await another "First snowfall photo" I'm afraid.
It's a stunning photo nontheless and thoroughly deserving of a showing !!
Thanks Tony x

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo. Also enjoyed some of the work done in cartoons by the photographer.

Tom said...

Hi Abe.. glad you followed the link to Tony's work... and thank you for commenting.

Anonymous said...

He's a great cartoonist !