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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Coal Shed Tobogganers

Another terrific photo from Tony D.
It is so evocative of a more innocent age.

Over to Tony for the description...

"This the last, although I never know, of my 'steel house' collection.  The trained eye can just see it, it's roof is centre picture in Pimlott Avenue 
These 'steep' hills, as they'd seemed to my child's mind had various runs with various degrees of bicycle fear about them.  They are still there although now so mildly landscaped. They border Johnson Brook Rd in foreground and Markham Street to the left. 
We kids would  'borrow' a sledge like this one, one from  a half section of a corrugated steel coal shed, a steel house piece of property and just about the right size for four of us junior tobogganers to fit on! "


Thumbnail to larger view.

Many thanks, Tony. PLEASE keeping sending them in . They are wonderful ! :)


Tom said...

Brilliant... what a lovely picture this is... memories come flooding back of childhood winters. I recall dong something very similar with a car bonnet.... it was perfect for this..... but just could not be stopped or controlled.. ha! Happy Days

John Taylor said...

Nice one Wilber!

Anonymous said...

This evoked so many memories. Elsewhere on Hyde Blogspot their is my history of a group of houses besides Beeley's factory known as the Gardens. These houises would be off camera to the right of this pic so these hills were our playground year round. Thanks for the memories. Dave Davies

Hydonian said...

I agree that it is a stunning photo.... as for the car bonnets as sledges, my other half only mentioned them today, which is bizarre !

Werneth Low said...

I love that street lamp. It reminds me of the one which stood in Kensington Street outside Irene Oldham's house.