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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Leigh Street revisited.

Here are three school photos from Leigh Street School.
I think that they were taken in the early 1960s.
They were sent in by Martin Leigh.

I loved the old school buildings - made of Accrington Brick. It's such a shame they were demolished. 
I liked the partition in the junior school that seperated classes 3 & 5 and the open fire in the first class in the infants. Does anyone remember the railings and the gate between the infant and junior school? The infant kids looked through in awe at the "big" kids.  
Great memories.



Mr Pakeman and Mr Renwick with the infant building behind..

Mr Renwick and Miss Degroote

If anyone recognises themselves, or indeed anyone else, please let us know so we can put your names on the post..

Many thanks, Martin. :)
(Thanks to Mike Brierley for help with the teachers names).


Anonymous said...

Hi, the lady teacher in the third photograph is Miss Freda Degroote, now Freda Davis. She also happens to be my aunt.

Mike Brierley

Hydonian said...

Thanks Mike, I have updated the photo with your Aunts name.

John Booth said...

I recognise Martin in the photos,also Steve and Kathryn Hall,brother and sister who used to live on Mansfield Road when we did.I used to play footy with Martin and his two brothers Trev and Tony on Walker Lane footy pitch.and also at the bottom of Welbeck Rd where it meets Walker Lane.
We used the double gates that used to be there as goals for games of Knock-out Wembley.we played it til past dark under the street lamps light.
When we got fed up of the footy being interupted by cars,we used to get either side of the road,and when a car was coming,we picked up and pulled on an imaginary piece of rope and the cars would brake suddenly and we'd all run off laughing...
Happy days!