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Friday, 31 August 2012

Nelson and Queen Street views

Playing Out


Here a great picture sent in by my good friend Gianni (Jon) Zazzarino riding his bike on Nelson Street. Over his shoulder can be seen a gable end which is at the top of Travis Street.


Here he is again, this time on Queen Street near to the James North Factory. Note the walkway from one part of the factory to the other.
I can remember when I, too, had knees like that.


Still on Queen Street, but across the road now, and more of the Norths Factory can be seen. Jon tells me this bike could well have been bought from Oldham's on the corner of Nelson Street and Market Street. 


Anonymous said...

What great photos!
What date are we looking at? The houses on the "rec" side of Queen Street came down in the mid 70's I think so are we looking at the 1960's?

Tom said...

Spot on... I should have put that on the post..

Gianni Zazzarino said...

Late 60's sounds about right, i spent half my youth playing on the 'rec' lol

Anonymous said...

I lived at 9 queen St from 1984- 1990 thanks for the photos :)