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Saturday, 1 September 2012


We've been contact by Brian Ainscough who read Jeffrey Stafford's article about Andrew & Atkinson and other Hyde brewers. Brian is hoping someone might be able to help him with information about a bottle he found near the site of Marple Hall earlier this year .


Over to Brian for the description "The front of the clear bottle it says BUCKLEY & HOLLAND CHEAPSIDE HYDE and there is a trade mark which looks like a hat with a bridge on the top! On the back it says REDFEARN BROS MAKERS BARNSLEY. It also has B&H on the base. I'm new to bottles but I think this one was a Codd type. I said 'was' because the top part is missing unfortunately."


Brian found Buckley & Holland listed as mineral water manufacturers in Cheshire directories from 1896 to 1906 but he's not been able to find any references to Buckley & Holland on bottle collecting internet sites.
Any information would be much appreciated.


Graeme Davenport said...

I'm a bottle collector in Australia and I have quite a few different mineral water and ginger beer bottles from Hyde that I have collected over the years. (My family came from Hyde and emigrated to Australia after WW1.) I have visited Hyde numerous times over the years and still have relatives there. I have both the Buckley and Holland 13oz codd (the broken variety pictured) and their dump blob-top ginger beer. The picture on the codd bottle depicts a miner's helmet and is in reference to the coal mine disaster in Hyde in 1889. My memory of Cheapside is that it now barely exists and was mostly swallowed up by the M67, so the Buckley & Holland factory site is most probably gone. Cheers, Graeme Davenport (Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)

Mare Winks said...


I have recently acquired a Buckley & Holland Cheapside Hyde crock (small) ginger 'bottle'.

Do you have any information on this? I have never seen this before.

Thank you in advance.