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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hyde FC revisited.

 A postcard showing the Hyde FC team of the season 1913/14.


Hyde FC were formed in 1885 the club changed its name to Hyde United in 1919, before reverting to Hyde FC in June 2010.

 *Historian Tom Middleton has said the club began at Walker Fold on the old Hyde Rugby Club field but the North Cheshire Herald refers to a ground off Mottram Road. Hyde F.C. later moved to Townend Street but moved to Ewen Fields in 1906 after merging with Hyde St George's who played in the Lancashire Combination league. The club folded in 1917 during WW1 on the grounds of what was termed war reaction. When the conflict ended, demands were made to resurrect the club. Although the "new" club was called Hyde United (to avoid incurring the old club's debts), it was effectively Hyde FC under a new name and included many of the former players.

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B Williams said...

I still prefer the name Hyde United and still wear the old Hyde United hat. I wore it this morning in the rain to stop my hair curling.

Werneth Low said...

Hyde Utd for me too - and red. Was the United dropped and blue adopted instead of red because of City's involvement at Ewen Fields?

Hydonian said...

Yes, it certainly was Werneth Low although they deny it. Red and United for me,too.
I miss the old Red stand - doesn't look right in that weird blue colour.
Maybe it will revert back once Citys involvment ends in 2013 - I wait and hope !

Anonymous said...

Without City's involvment at Ewen Fields it is quite possible that there wouldn't be even an Hyde F.C., remember the vast amount collected at the City game and the kindness showed to those involved in the collection by City's officials. I don't like football but where was Ricky Hatton when Hyde F.C. needed cash, nowhere to be seen. It's at times like that when you find out who your real friends are. Red, Blue, Hyde, or Hyde United, we should be thankful that the town's still got a team.

Werneth Low said...

I'm very thankful that Hyde still has a team and grateful to City for its support. I'm not really too bothered about the name and colour because, to me, the club will always be Hyde Utd - Tigers in red. Someone sent me one of the blue badges which I wore, and you wouldn't believe the number of folk who mistook it for a City badge! Come on Hyde!

Hydonian said...

@ Anonymous - You are quite right about finding out who your real friends are and I fear some "new friends" may be about to abandon them when their new state of the art complex is opened in 2013.

B Williams said...

Oh dear, I fear I set the cat among the pigeons with my comment this morning. I must admit City have done us a big favour in playing their reserve games at Ewen Fields and paying for the privilege as well as helping us to smarten the place up. I am pleased the Hyde team are playing in red again though. There are MANY, MANY people to THANK for giving their time and money to keep Hyde playing through the years. I have been a regular at Ewen Fields for over 45 years. - Come on you lads! Keep playing well!! Come on people of Hyde, get behind them.