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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Mary Street Remembered

Two family pictures sent in by Aiden Prince whose family home was once on Mary Street.


Here's Mrs Prince and Aiden's brother JP along with the dog... The Prince family lived next door to my paternal grandparents Thomas and Sarah Wigley on Mary Street.


Aiden's brother Kevin sat at the family table looking at a loaf of bread. Aiden mentioned that there was always a loaf of bread on the table and it triggered a memory in me about my grandparents who also had bread on show. It got both me and Aiden wondering if there was a reason for this. I'm aware of the saying 'Putting Bread On The Table' which meant you had money to supply sustenance for the household or the man of the house was in Work and providing for the family. If you know more or have any thoughts on this please let use know. 


Anonymous said...

Things seemed so nicer then.

Tom said...

It must have been hard though to keep that bread appearing... I know work was plentiful back then but wages were small and families were bigger then.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom, good to see you posting again. My Grandad-your Great uncle Harry, used to stand the loaf on end as in the photo,butter the top of it and then cut the slice off horizontally, saying "Bread is the staff of life" It seems to have been a kind of ritual !!.
Regards, Dave Hamilton.

Tom said...

Hi Dave
I have been know to cut my bread in this way, when I was working in the building trade I'd get myself a small un-cut loaf, slice it in 3 on the horizontal, add butter and potted beef... I'd keep having a bite throughout the day.

Kevin said...

Our family, going back to my Grand-parents, have always buttered and then cut bread like that. Seems to make much more sense than trying to cut it vertically then buttering it and it all ripping up if too fresh ! Great Northern minds at work me thinks.