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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Another spooky story

The following is an article from the North Cheshire Herald of the 20th July 1995. It tells of ghostly events in an old warehouse on Albion Street. Albion street is now no more, but used to run from Great Norbury Street to Henry Street, between Croft Street and Corporation Street. The Millenium play area now occupies the site. It was named from the Albion mechanical engineering works which was situated on Henry Street approx where Hatton Grange is now. If anyone knows any more about the warehouse please get in touch.





Anonymous said...

Good god, did Joyce wake you up, two stories of real interest in two days.


Dave Williams said...

Albion Street DOES still exist, or at least enough of it to park a car in, and there's an 'Albion Street' nameplate on the side of the house on Great Norbury Street that's on the corner of that street.

ex-Newtonian said...

Like Newtonian, I think some of your stories are far more interesting than others. Unlike him, however, I accept that people don't always like the same thing and others may prefer things that I don't like, so I'm not ill-mannered enough to criticize things that aren't to my taste.

Anonymous said...

I just cant believe the rudeness and ingratitude of some of the people who comment on this blog.
If they fell in the canal and somebody jumped in and dragged them out, there first words would be....Look at the state of my shirt, you've ripped it.

Anonymous said...

They are just rude and ignorant and what is known on the internet as "trolls".
A rather apt name in this case.