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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Clarendon Square Shopping Centre

In July last year Nancy did a post on the opening of the new Clarendon Square Shopping Centre in November 1991. I've come across a cutting from The Reporter of 11 July 1991 which had these pictures and stories about the reconstruction work on the shopping centre.
I think we did a post some time ago featuring the brochure mentioned above but I've not been able to find it.

This was printed in 1991, so these photographs must have been taken in 1966.


Tom said...

Great post Dave.. thank you. Sorry I've missed out doing the last few days... but not to good at the moment.

Marjorie said...

An interesting bit of history.

Anonymous said...

Barry in Oz here again. I recall going to the Markets on a Saturday morning in the mid to late 50s and seeing a middle aged man in something similar to a motorised bathchair. He was a well built man, obviously disabled and had a handlebar mustash. I always remember him because there was always some smart mouthed kids taking the mickey out of him and he used to get really mad. Anyone remember him ?

Tom said...

I think that would be a chap I knew as 'Trixie'... he has been mentioned on the blog before... he sold the Manchester Evening News, and The Football Pink ( rember the 'Pink' Barry ? )

Anonymous said...

Barry again, Yes, I remember him and the newspapers now and I do remember the Pink.