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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Leigh Street Juniors

 Here is a photo sent to us by Barbara Tomlinson.
It shows a Leigh Street Juniors class photo from approximately 1954.
Note the old stand of Hyde United in the background and the tree that stands on Tinkers Passage.


The photo is of my class and classmates.

Top row
Arthur Nash, Harold ? David Walker Christine Mitchell, Kenneth Morehouse, Esme Thomas, Pauline Memory, Kevin Bell, Pauline Shawcross, Geoffrey Haywood, John Williams, Brian Lewis, 
Second Row: 
David Carr, Gerald Taylor, Maureen Whitehurst, Edgar Ellis, Brenda Lewis, Me, Alan Tomlinson, Nona Gregory, Harry Hall, Joan Longdon, Bill Morris, Russell Cooper, 
Third Row: 
? Kathleen Harrison, ? Rosalind Warner, Bernice Bennett, Delia Gaunt, Edith Etchells, Ann Magraw, Sylvia Barber, Hillary Tyson, Christine Feukes, Fourth Row. John Bradley, Neville Leigh, Peter Daniels, Melvin Gregory, Christopher Mallard, Fred Durham, Harold Rushworth, Teachers  

Mr Amail, left. Headmaster Mr Renwick.  

Many Thanks, Barbara.
P.S. I notice that my Brother in law, Bill, was in your class !  :)


Beryl Williams said...

Esme Thomas and Nona Gregory were in the same class as me at Leigh Street Secondary School. Several other names I remember as being in the same year. I will try to get a photo of myself St George's Primary School put on shortly. Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Esme Thomas also went to Greenfield Street Primary School when I was there. She lived somewhere near Helen Street.

Anonymous said...

Both Russell Cooper and Geoffrey Haywood are dead. Esme Thomas died in Chesterfield in the 1990's. Fred Durham was always known as Freddy Pye to me. I think Arthur Nash went to Australia.

Hydonian said...

Sadly, my brother-in-law, Bill Morris died about 30 years ago.
R.I.P. Bill xx

Anonymous said...

Russell Cooper died in 1979, aged 34.

Anonymous said...

I think the real name of the person on the photo named Kenneth Morehouse is really Kenneth Fieldhouse. He lived around the Cotton Street/George Street area, today he lives in one of the flats somewhere down Hoviley.

Anonymous said...

I never knew Tom Heaton had married Margaret Morris. Well you learn something new each day.