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Friday, 28 September 2012

Programme from Hyde United

Following on from the post about Hyde United the day before yesterday, here is a match programme from a game between Hyde United and Winsford United in 1958. 

I wonder what the score was?


I love the old adverts that you find on the old programmes.
I also like the simple telephone number, Hyde 30. 
So much easier to remember than todays long mobile numbers !!

A map showing where Rhodes Street North was. It was the next street to Ann Street, off Manchester Road.. Rhodes street is opposite.


Anonymous said...

Where is/ was Rhodes Street ?

Hydonian said...

Rhodes Street North was off Manchester Road . The next street to Ann Street.
I will put a map up shortly.

Anonymous said...

Old buildings, old streets, old characters, old work friends, and old school friends, where did they all go. I stood looking up at the town hall this morning, looking at the change in brick colour of the original building and the top section built to house the clock. What a magnificent structure, what changes the town hall's seen. The new market place is not a patch on the old cobbled market where the town fair was held. Most of us just don't take it all in until its far too late. Get out into the town, walk around its old street's and think of what gems we've lost since 1945.