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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Newton Cricket Club

Our thank to Colin Critchlow for today post

Newton C.C. Around 1935
On the photo are Dad top right, My Uncle Eric Higginbottom, Sam Gregson, Secretary Mr J Heaton and Hydes future Mayor Mr Leech.

I asked Colin if he could supply some information, his reply....

I would be glad to assist you with some information regarding the history of Newton Cricket Club and my family's involvement
The club celebrated its centenary this year after being formed in 1912.
I believe the club played its first matches on a ground adjacent to Clarendon Road, Hyde.
The club moved to their present ground at Barmhouse Lane, Godley in the 1920s.
My Uncle Eric Higginbottom had long connections with the club, and his father before him may have been involved from the very beginning.
My first visit to the club was in 1936 in the pram watching Dad (Bill Critchlow) who was a notable cricketer for the club for many years open the bowling.
During the war years my cricket visits were put on hold since Dad was sent to India but he did manage to represent the British Forces team against an Indian eleven
before being posted to Burma.
Having played in the Stockport league Newton found themselves in the Hyde and district league finishing champions followed by a number of years in the Denton and District league
which again proved to be a very successful period.
I was lucky enough to be the scorer for a two seasons before playing myself
Newton organised a junior team in 1951 which created a lot of interest. Lads like myself, Neville Higginbottom and Michael Bent had been at the club all our lives since our Dads
were ex players and still active members at the club.
During the week the farmers cattle were allowed on the outer  field so we had quite a job getting the area ready for the weekend match which usually meant a Friday night clearing up job
and preparing the wicket area which thankfully was protected by a fence.
There was a deep dip in one corner of the ground which our President Mr Alfred Rushton made arrangements to fill in which proved to be a major task.
The club moved on to the Glossop league were they played a number of years before joining the High Peak league where they managed to finish champions after a thrilling win at Trinity Meths.
It was then back to the Glossop league and finally where they are now in the Derbyshire and Cheshire league.
Newton have been fortunate to have had many good cricketers over the years, and once in the early days they had one Len Hopwood in their ranks who would go on and represent both Lancashire and England
I was lucky enough to meet Len at our annual dinner dance when he presented the prizes.
The ladies were always a very important part of the club and it was my good fortune to know so many good people such as Alf Rushton, Arthur Bent, Mr and Mrs Hiram Tagg, and Sam Gregson who always gave us encouragement.
Finally last but not least is a fellow who was the heart and sole of the club and represented everything good about it, his name was Eric Howath.

Newton C.C. 1948

Newton C.C. 
1953 Champions 
Denton & District League

E Howarth, S Gregson, H Tagg, and F Wrigley

Newton C.C. Ladies 1954

Newton C.C. Around 1963

W. A. Critchlow 
Newton C. C.

Colin Critchlow


Tom said...

Thanks for this excellent post Colin... you must be very proud of your families connections to the club..
great information and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Great read. Thank you !

Newton Cricket Club said...

Loved reading this post. Colin mentions a couple of things I wasn't aware of. As you know the cricket club celebrate its centenary year this year. To commemorate this landmark, the club has comprehensively chronicled 100 years of stories, accomplishments and memories into a book which is available from the club directly and from Tameside library. Just thought you'd like to know if you didn't already