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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

St Georges Junior School

Here is a photo of St Georges Junior School (circa 1948) sent to us by Roger Dyson.


He sent us the following accompanying email also.

"The ball point marks were put on by my sister years ago. I haven't succeeded in removing them. Will keep on trying.

 Names from memory:-
Beryl Barber, Gillian Broadbent, John Byles (Painter & Decorating Shop) Michael Cook ( Butcher) Me 3rd row 6 from left, David Carter, Brian Sharp, Simon Brindle 
(Doctors Son) Keith Shaw, Roger Bennett, Geoffrey Torkington John Archer, Judith Bradley or Bradbury, Gillian Ollerenshaw,
Fran Holden, Kenneth Hall, Geoffrey Pickford.Maureen Gledhill, ? Cook ( Fairground ride on the market.) Some of the First names might not be correct.
Hope the photo gets some response."

Many Thanks, Roger.  :)


Gillian Meakin said...

Thanks Roger for posting the Standard IV class at St. Georges. 1947-48. I'm flattered you remembered my name, Gillian Ollerenshaw. I think several of the girls were going to a birthday party after school as we were wearing best clothes and I had my hair curled.

Here are the names as I remember them: from L to R
Back row: Deirdre Battrick,?, Beryl Barber,?, Shirley Newton, Pat Hickling, - Hawkins, Glenys Broadbent, Brenda Sherwood, Norma Burton, Anne Wardley, - Taylor
3rd row: - Clegg, ?, ?, ?, ?, Roger Dyson, Brian Sharpe, Jimmy Warhurst, Simon Brindle, ?, ?, ?, - Blackburn
2nd row: ?, Maureen Gledhill, Gillian Ollerenshaw, Julia Smith, Margaret Eaton, Judith Wain, ?, ?, Peta Tidey, Judith Bradley, Dorothy Nield, ?
Front Row: Geoffrey Torkington, ?, David Stafford, ?, ?, ?, ?. ?

Marjorie said...

Lovely to see this. Some of these girls were in my class at Hyde Grammar.