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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dales Shop corner

Here are a couple of "then and now" shots.
They show the area where Dales sweet shop used to stand.  

Dales was a wonderful shop owned by a kindly couple who had a lot of patience with the children when they went in to spend their pocket money. I remember they had a great selection of ice creams in an array of flavours, my favourite being rum and raisin. Dales was to the far left of the row. 

It is now car park to the now defunct Gee Cross Labour/Sports and Social club.

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King Edward Road is to the right of the photo.


pete said...

I remember when the 'chippy' was on the other end of that row.
Was it 'Jackson's'?

Werneth Low said...

An amazing photo, evoking many memories. Yes Pete, it was Jackson's chippy at the other end of the row. I have no recollection of the sweet shop being Dales so this must have come after I left Hyde. In the 50s and early 60s it was Morrisons. Mr Morrison was also kind and very patient with kids who couldn't make their minds up! I remember buying my first packet of fags there when I was about 19. 20 Nelson in a pale turquoise packet which cost 2/3d, about 12p in today's money, and hoping Mr Morrison wouldn't mention it to my mother!

The other interesting bit about this photo is that it clearly shows the driveway down into Moore's factory, to the left of the shop. Much has been said in previous posts about what lay down in that hollow beneath Stockport Road, known as Whittaker's Whim..

Most of the property in the road appears to be bricked up, suggesting that demolition was imminent. Is there a date for the photo?

Anonymous said...

Yes afourpenny bag of chips from the chippy walking home from Guides at the hut on Silverhill Road and maybe a glass of limeade while we waited.
Years later in the seventies I remember my Dad taking our son Dan from Sandringham Road to Dales shop to spend his pocket money when we came over from Sheffield for lunch.
Ann Bacon(Stafford)

Lizzy said...

My dad thinks the chip shop was called Boots.

Werneth Low said...

It was Jackson's chippy up to the mid-60s.

downsie21 said...

Grenville Dale tells me that they bought the shop from a Miss Hodgkinson.

Tom said...

Thank you for the update Eric....