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Monday, 13 August 2012

Water Street School

Here are two great photos sent to us by Marjorie Robinson.

They show different views of Water Street School.
This building was also the former Wesleyan Methodist School and the Art rooms for Greenfield Street Boys School at a later date. The upstairs rooms were the "dole office" aka social security office for "signing on" for benefits.
After the social security office moved to Beech Street sometime after 1978 it was also the home to Powerhouse Gym and Central Furnishing Company.

Marjorie also included this lovely story.

"After emailing you, I saw that it said Victoria Jubilee, Wesleyan Methodist Schools. My father was born in 1913 and often told me tales about the Headmaster, Mr Tickle. On one occasion, he came into the room and said to my father "What are you doing, Davies?" my father, who was not misbehaving at the time, replied, "Nothing, Sir." and was told "Come out. You should be working." He got caned for nothing at all and always thought it was unfair. Mary Tickle, the head's daughter, was on the same class. She taught me History later, at Hyde Grammar, and we kept in touch. She sent me a lovely letter when my father died.
I remember going in there with my mother when it was the dole office. It had that musty smell of old schools. I never knew it had been part of Greenfield St."

Front View

The Water Street side of Greenfield Street School shown to the left of the photo.

A photo  from the Jubilee Wesleyan School era

Many Thanks Marjorie. Great photos ,as always :)


ceecee said...

my mum was born (1911 ) and bred on water st, she attended this school i remember her telling me about two teachers mr tickle and mr tongue. i remember it as the dole office.

Susan Jaleel said...

I remember this building as the Food Office, when rationing was still on. I used to go in with my mother and she would get orange juice and Virol.

I love the old photo - what a handsome building it was in its heyday.

Anonymous said...

I remember this building very well, being a pupil at Greenfield St Seniors.

The downstairs was indeed used for Art classes, in my time ran by a Mr Peace & Mr Keats, Mr Peace was just an old hippy, who used to swear blind he named his son, Mantle.

Before the 'Dole Office' was located there for a while, the upstairs wasn't used, so a group of us sneaked upstairs to have a mooch around, until Mr Peace heard us and chased us all out.

Around '83 I attended the careers office which was located upstairs with the dole office, it was a squeaky, echoey, dusty hovel of a place.

Tom said...

I remember this well... When I was at Greenie the parts of the downstairs were in use for our lesson, A large art room.. the art teacher was Mr Peace I thought he was an excellent teacher and had a lot of respect at one time.
At the rear was the Tech Drawing Room... Mr Wainwright was the teacher we had there... I found him to be a bully and far to eager to use the cane... I once over heard him and the Woodwork teacher discussing a bet they had going on which one would use the cane the most that term. I was never counted in their bets again after that though both did try on a few occasions.
The building was another I think should have been saved from demolition...

JohnT said...

Great photographs.

Between Greenfield Street School and Water Street School was the 'smelly' toilet block. Phew!

From memory in the late 50's it was Mr Fenton who was my art teacher.

In the 2nd photograph you can see Hyde telephone exchange to the right which gives you an idea of the location of the school in relation to the current ASDA car park

Col said...

My Mum who was born in 1911 attended Water street school during Mr Tickles reign. She was called Mary Price. There was another school in Hyde during the same period who had a teacher called Mr Hitch which caused a lot of laughter amongst the children.
I remember going to Sunday School at Water street during the war years