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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Charge of the Hyde Brigade

Charge of the Hyde Brigade


HALF-A-FIELD, Half-a-field,
Half-a-field onward,
Into the Denton goal
Our forwards they thundered,
Stormed at with shot and shell,
*Lowe bravely fought and well,
But down went his citadel,
And *Denton folks wondered.

Wondered how it was done,
Wondered to see the fun,
Wondered whom Bunyan
Had thrown o'er his head;
Didn't they rave and rant,
'Twas their beloved *Plant,
Into the mud thus sent,
As though he were dead
Hark ! how they yell and scream,
Little did Denton dream
That our respected team,
Would conquer them so !
Now all their gas has gone,
And ready brass they've none,
A dollar, alas ! not one
Of them can show.

Hark ! to that deafening roar
Proclaiming the fight is o'er !
And likewise the fact that four
Goals have been got.
Denton have lost the day,
And as they wend their way
Homewards, they seem to say
Sad is our lot.

Now they are put to rout,
And as they face about,
Twenty-six none they shout,
Poor Dentonians.
Do not your fingers flirt,
For with your Sunday shirt
Hyde has wiped out the dirt
Rubbed in by Prestonians.

Pity poor Denton's plight,
Oh ! what a mournful sight
As they went home that night,
Vanquished Dentonians.
Honour the Hyde Brigade,
Honour the win they've made,
When will their glory fade?
Noble Hydonians !

*Lowe and Plant were Denton players,
Bunyan was the Hyde Goalkeeper.

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Hyde start their second season in the Conference League away to Forest Green Rovers this weekend... Good Luck to all involved.

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Just for the ones who like their United's a nice shade of Red ;O)  

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Hydonian said...

This was sent by B Williams.

I must admit I like the red. I will be there on Tuesday evening the first home match of the new season. All the best for the coming season Hyde.

Sorry I deleted your comment by mistake.