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Monday, 5 August 2013

Gleams Of Sunshine

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James Leigh

I have been scanning my old tatty copy of Gleams OF Sunshine by James Leigh,alas it is on its last legs so before the pages start falling out I have decided to scan it all. I will then do what I can to make it last that bit longer.
I thought I'd show you the list of subscribers all of which pledged their support to get the book published. I found the list with names and addresses most interesting. Hopefully you might spot a familiar name or address.

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Jacqueline Ridgway said...

Interesting, some of the names known to us ie: Winterbottom and Fred Holt was my Dad's uncle also Harry Dennerley. Squire Fawley my husband Colin Ridgway remembers in Newton and also James Ridgway. Jacqueline Ridgway(nee Holt).

Tom said...

Hi Jacqueline
Thank you for commenting, I found the subscribers list very interesting and found myself going through saying know this family and this one .. :O)